Why Shop at MyDogify? (Blog)

Why shop at MyDogify?

We’ve created a list with 6 reasons of why you should spoil your dog with MyDogify products:


1) Creating memories that will last a lifetime:

We all have heard the expression life is too short, that’s why we have emphasised creating unforgettable memories with your dog at the forefront of our business. Offering these curated hampers special for all occasions in your life as well as your pets! As MyDogify grows as a brand you will see different occasions hampers being released such as: Christmas Dog Hampers, Halloween Dog Hampers, Easter Dog Hampers and even new Pup Starter Hampers.

2) Convenience:

We’ve all been through that last minute rush of not knowing what to purchase your loved ones for their special occasion. With our carefully curated dog hampers, we have a selection of dog toys, accessories and treats your dog is bound to go barking mad over for their special occasion.


3) Quality Assurance:

When we say quality, we don’t just mean dog toys and dog accessories which will feel and look like better quality items that are out there already. We’ve also ensured that all products we sell are pet safe too - as we know the safety of your pet dog is top priority.


4) Value for money:

We understand owning a pet can become expensive especially when they give you them puppy eyes! That’s why we came up with the idea of curating hampers which will spoil your pup but will also give the dog owner the opportunity to purchase dog products, accessories and treats for a reasonable price!


5) Personalised messaging:

With our hampers we feel there is a need to personalise each hamper to the specific dog and their owner if they are wanting to. That’s why we include a personalised card in each hamper alongside encouraging you to tag us via Instagram, Facebook or Tik-Tok so we can also share this via our page and celebrate with you and other dog owners. We’re all about building a community and besides, everyone wishes their feed on their socials was always filled with cute dogs!


6) Shipping:

MyDogify currently only ships to Jersey and Guernsey Channel Islands, and the United Kingdom (UK). We currently offer FREE shipping to Jersey Channel Islands and only a small fee of £3.99 to ship to the UK and Guernsey.

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